How to Hang Streamers for a Party

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When you are decorating for a party, every detail counts. A simple task like hanging streamers can go wrong if it is done sloppily. Doing it the right way can really add a lot to the ambience. Instead of just sticking them to the walls haphazardly with tape, you can put forth a little bit of effort and see how much of a difference it makes.


Hanging Streamers the Right Way

Streamers are usually made from crepe paper, and they come in long rolls in a variety of colors. You can hang them from ceilings, twist them and cut them into smaller pieces to make things like bows and flowers. They can also be used in doorways to make amazing partitions for large events. There are endless ideas for hanging streamers.


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If you want to make a decoration that's a bit unusual, you can try a crepe paper backdrop for your next party. For this project, you will need a dowel or rod, around 5 feet of different-colored crepe paper, two zip/cable ties, two adhesive-backed hooks and gold curling ribbon. Place the hooks on the wall, making sure that they are in line with one another and then attach a zip/cable tie to each for loops on which to hang the dowel or rod. Loop the streamers over the dowel or tie the tops, alternating the colors. Cut the bottoms to form an arc shape and add gold curling ribbon.


Additional Streamer Decorating Tips

You can easily attach streamers to a wall using masking tape. Simply roll up small pieces of tape into rounds so that both sides are sticky. You can attach one side to the streamer and the other to your wall. If you want the twisted streamer look, you can achieve it with relative ease. Take a streamer and attach one side to the wall. Hold the bottom end and gently turn it to the left about five times (more if you want more twists) and tape the bottom part to the wall.


You can tape the streamers along a wall, alternating colors and twists. It also looks nice when the streamers are made into arches. Tape both ends to the wall and bring it up once or more times in its length and attach those points to the wall. To decorate a doorway, you can leave room for them to drape. Balloons can be attached with double-sided tape as well, and they look great with streamers.


Hanging Streamers From a Ceiling

To create a beautiful streamer-decorated ceiling, you can start by attaching a few removable hooks on the center of it. Hang the zip/cable ties and thread the streamers through. You can twist them if you like and attach the ends to the high parts of the walls. Keep in mind that this can be more difficult if the room is large, so you might want to attach the other sides onto the far ends of the walls.


You can also attach the streamers onto a ceiling light fixture, but this is not a good idea if the light is on because it could present a fire hazard. As you are working, take care not to tear the streamers because this makes them look unfinished and raggedy. Therefore, when you buy the streamers, it's a good idea to get extra because it is likely that some will rip while you are working. Add some curling ribbon and balloons to complete the decorations.



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