How to Make Macrame Belts

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Things You'll Need

  • 28 yards of leather cord

  • Two 2-inch brass rings

How to Make Macrame Belts. Macrame is an art form by which cords are tied into knots in order to make a variety of different kinds of crafts and projects. Macrame can be used to make all sorts of things, including plant hangers, furniture and fashion accessories such as jewelry and belts. Belts in particular are a very simple and very impressive macrame project to make.


Make Leather Macrame Belts

Step 1

Cut cord into four lengths of 7 yards each.

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Step 2

Fold each length of rope in half and drape the looped end over the brass ring.


Step 3

Bring the two ends through the loop and tighten it. This is called a lark's head knot.

Step 4

Repeat the lark's head knot with the remaining cords.

Step 5

Now you have eight strands of cord. Divide them up into two sections of four strands each.


Step 6

Tie a square knot in one of the groups of cords. From left to right, think of the cords as A, B, C and D.

Step 7

Cross A over B and C, then under D.

Step 8

Cross D over B and C, then over A and tighten.


Step 9

Cross A over B and C again and under D.

Step 10

Bring D under B and C and over A and tighten again.

Step 11

Repeat steps six through 10 with the second set of cords.


Step 12

Tie another square knot below the first two, using the center strands: two from the knot on the left, two from the knot on the right. This is called staggering knots, or alternating.

Step 13

Repeat steps six through 12 with the four center cords.


Step 14

Repeat steps six through 13 four more times, for a total of five "double square knots."

Step 15

Using the two outside cords, tie a lark's head knot with the set of cords on the left. Repeat on the right.


Step 16

Repeat the process of alternating double square knots until you reach the end of the belt, or whatever your desired belt length is.

Step 17

Trim the excess cord hanging from the end of the belt.

Step 18

String wooden beads on the belt in between the knots if you're feeling really creative.


You can use different colors of leather cord for a two toned or even four toned belt. Color possibilities include black, brown, white or red. The possibilities are endless.



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