Santa Hat Strawberry Cupcakes Recipe

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The holidays can be a hectic time full of celebrations, event planning. shopping, gift wrapping and a million things to keep track of all at once. This fun little cupcake idea is a sure-fire stunner and easy recipe, involving minimal prep time and assembly with maximum cute and jolly impact.


This fun recipe is perfect for your office Christmas party, kid's classroom celebrations, or as a holiday dessert option for your next gathering.

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Things You'll Need

  • 24 mini cupcakes (muffins or brownie bites will also work)

  • 24 large, fresh strawberries

  • Piping bag fitted with a star tip

  • 2 cups frosting or whipped cream

  • Sprinkles, food grade glitter or other toppings (optional)

How to make Santa Hat Strawberry Cupcakes

Step 1: Cut the strawberries

Begin by slicing the top of the strawberry. Large strawberries work the best since you will want to scale them roughly to your cupcake size. Since fresh strawberries have a limited fridge life, particularly after cutting, be sure to do this close to when you are making your cupcakes lest they get soggy and overripe.

Choose firm berries

The firmer the berry, the easier a precise cut will be. You will be placing the berries with the flatter cut side down on top of the cupcakes with the pointed part up forming the top of the santa hat. You will also want to dry the cut edge to make it adhere easier to the top of the cupcake.

Step 2: Fill the piping bag

Fill a piping bag fitted with a star tip (try not to snip too big of an opening) with white frosting. For a lighter, airier version, you can also used whipped cream with angel food cupcakes. Keep in mind that whipped cream has a tendency to lose its shape more quickly, even when refrigerated, so only use it if you will be eating the cupcakes in a shorter time period. The key to maintaining the shape and integrity of your frosting is keeping it cool. Vanilla buttercream frosting is an obvious fave, but you might also consider white chocolate, vanilla custard, or cream cheese frosting as an alternative.


Step 3: Pipe the bottom hat ruffle

Pipe the frosting around the edge of the mini cupcake to resemble the bottom ruffle of a Santa hat. You can make mini cupcakes, muffins or brownie bites from scratch, use a box mix, or purchase store-bought options if time is of the essence. You will want to pipe the frosting around the outer edge of the cupcake to create the ruffle of the santa hat and provide a nest for the strawberry to rest within.


Step 4: Fill the center

Once your ruffle is the way you want it, continue to fill the center of the cupcake top with a layer of frosting. This will allow the strawberry you place there to firmly adhere to the cupcake's top, acting as a glue.


Step 5: Add the strawberries

Gently place your santa hat strawberries (flat side down) on to top of the cupcake, making sure to press your santa hats firmly, but gently, into place.



Fresh strawberries have a limited fridge life, so it's best to prepare your cupcakes within 24 hours of serving before the fruit becomes overripe or mushy.

Step 6: Add the tip of the hat

The final, crowning touch is to place a small dollop of frosting or cream as the ball of the little hat you have created. If you desire, you can also add sprinkles or food grade glitter to your frosted sections for some extra sparkle. You could also add chocolate chips, mini marshmallows or melted chocolate drizzle for some additional Christmas pizazz.


Step 7: Chill

Be sure to chill quickly. The frosting will typically set to a good consistency within a couple of hours, but we recommend they remain refrigerated less than 18 hours before they are eaten. Any longer and the strawberries may begin to get too soft or discolored. They are best served within 24 hours from first cutting the strawberries.


Enjoy and share!

These cute and adorable, bite-sized santas are great for a touch of whimsy at any office Christmas gathering or holiday party table. Not only are they a great option for a kid's spread this holiday season, they also will wow the adults with their pretty and festive presentation. The muffin option also works great for a Christmas breakfast or brunch.


You can also enlist your little ones to help assemble these holiday treats, making it an easy addition to add to your holiday baking regimen. You can replicate this recipe with mini-cheesecakes topped with strawberry santa hats. These little santas will easily become one of your favorite holiday recipes!



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