Three Cute and Easy Ways to Decorate Pumpkins

Decorating pumpkins for Halloween is always a must before the holiday, but that doesn't mean your creativity should be as predictable. Defy expectations with three simple ideas — using confetti, spray paint and "polka dot" designs — and you can transform these autumn mainstays into modern works of art. Now the only thing that's certain about this annual activity is how much fun it'll be to put traditions aside.

Image Credit: Kelly Smith

Things You'll Need

  • Three pumpkins

  • White crafting glue

  • Paintbrush

  • Confetti

  • Electric drill and drill bits

  • Washcloth

  • Letter stickers

  • Press-and-Seal wrap

  • Spray paint

Image Credit: Kelly Smith

Step 1: Make Confetti Pumpkins

Using a large paint brush, cover a section of your pumpkin in white craft glue. Sprinkle on a large amount of confetti until you are satisfied with the look. Then, repeat the process on another section until the entire top of the pumpkin is covered in confetti. Wait for the glue to dry and display as desired.

Image Credit: Kelly Smith
Image Credit: Kelly Smith

Step 2: Create "Polka Dot" Pumpkins

Drilling a series of holes in a pumpkin can create an elegant impact with little effort. Choose a variety of drill bits for large and small holes. Hold the pumpkin firmly with one hand, and press the drill into the pumpkin with your other hand. Drill holes randomly, or in straight lines, and your pumpkin will be ready in a matter of minutes. Use a wet washcloth to wipe the pumpkin down before displaying.

Image Credit: Kelly Smith
Image Credit: Kelly Smith

Step 3: Add Spray Paint to Your Pumpkins

Place your pumpkin in a well-ventilated area with a protective layer, like a piece of cardboard or a drop cloth, underneath it. Cover the top half of the pumpkin with press-and-seal wrap. Then, use letter stickers to spell out words, and cover the stem with press-and-seal wrap. Now, spray paint. Remove the stickers and the press-and-seal wrap once the paint has dried. You could also spray paint one portion of your pumpkin for a fun dip-dyed finish.

Image Credit: Kelly Smith

Step 4: Display Your Pumpkins

Display a variety of pumpkin styles on a mantle, coffee table or entryway to create an inviting and interesting backdrop. You could also use cake stands, boxes or books to create varying heights for your arrangements, too!

Image Credit: Kelly Smith