9 Easy to Make Recipes Using a Cast Iron Skillet

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pizza, apple cobbler and a cookie.
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There are real benefits to cooking with a cast iron: meats brown evenly, crusts gain a golden hue and flavors are given time to mingle. With a little prep and a handful of recipes — from a warm pot pie and a gooey cookie to a mouthwatering steak and a gratifying pizza — your cast iron will become your go-to tool for every meal. So, take out the skillet that is about to transform your cooking and baking talents. You two are about to become besties.

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An apple pie baked in a cast iron skillet on a wood background
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Make a Homemade Apple Pie

Even if you have a great meal planned, the moment you smell this rustic homemade apple pie, you'll be ready to skip the main course and go straight to dessert. Bonus? The cast iron creates a golden crust that tastes as good as it looks.

A slice of cornbread on a tin plate being drizzled with honey
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Bake Honey Beer Skillet Cornbread

Cornbread makes the perfect side to almost anything, but this honey and beer skillet cornbread really takes it to the next level. Cooked in a cast iron skillet, this cornbread is super light, a little sweet and has a satisfyingly crunchy crust.

A pizza cooked in a black cast iron skillet
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Build the Perfect Pizza

Making your own pizza can seem intimidating, but before you order delivery, check out this recipe for pizza baked on a cast iron. No pizza boards, pie-making techniques or fancy tools required for this mouthwatering showstopper — just your cast iron, favorite pizza dough, sauce and toppings.

A large gourmet hamburger on a white plate
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Trade the BBQ for the Oven to Make Burgers

While a burger grilled on the barbecue does taste great, there are times when the work required to do it outweighs the end result. Forget about your coals and lighter fluid, and cook this cast iron burger instead. <ahref="http: www.ehow.com="" how_37_cook-hamburger-frying.html"=""> </ahref="http:>With some heat and your heavy-duty skillet, your burgers will have the ideal crispy char without the outdoor exercise.

A cast iron cobbler next to a glass of hard apple cider
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Bake a Hard Apple Cider Cobbler

This hard apple cider cobbler is the dessert you didn't even know you were craving. With dynamic craft cider flavors, tangy apple slices and a crumbly crust, your cast iron skillet never looked so good. Pair with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and your mouth will thank you. Profusely.

Close up image of a chile tamale pie with cornbread crust
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Cook a Tamale Pie

Figuring out the perfect dish to serve guests can be a challenge, but when you are armed with this recipe <ahref="http: www.ehow.com="" how_2302874_make-tamale-pie.html"=""> </ahref="http:>for spicy tamale pie and your cast iron, it is a no-brainer. Throw all the ingredients together in one pan, coat it in cornbread dough and bake it. In 20 minutes, dinner is served.

A black cast iron skilled with a giant cookie cooked on it
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Satisfy a Sweet Tooth With a Giant Cookie

There is nothing as delectable as a cookie fresh from the oven, unless it's one that is as big as your face. Who can say no to a slice of this skillet cookie? Not only will it satisfy your sweet cravings, but it'll make all of your friends happy when they see it.

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Also... Need to Restore Your Sklillet?

There is no reason to throw away that old cast iron pan just because it looks a little past its prime. Simply throw it in the oven, start the cleaning cycle and watch as its look is transformed. With the proper care and a little TLC, your cast iron skillet will go the distance.



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