How to Weave Fabric Into a Rope Rug

Rugs really do tie a room together: they can define a space, act as a focal point or introduce an intriguing texture into an otherwise nondescript area of a room. Now that cooler weather has arrived, add some warmth to your home with a rug you can make with some clothesline and strips of fabric. You can use new fabric to create of-the-moment decor, or you can repurpose old t-shirts into a new, comforting detail. Add like-minded pillows into the mix, and your living space will be one cozy place to spend the fall.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

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How To Weave Fabric Into A Rope Rug

Be creative today! Weave fabric into a rug like this. Full tutorial:

Posted by eHow on Friday, February 17, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • 6 yards of fabric

  • Sharp scissors

  • 2 packages of 1/4-inch cotton clothes line

  • 100/16 sewing machine needle

  • 3 spools of thread

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Step 1: Cut the Fabric Strips

Cut your fabric into 2-inch wide strips. You can choose different patterns and colors for a more layered design, or you can opt for the same fabric to create a more uniform look.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Step 2: Wrap the End of the Rope

Start with the beginning of the rope and wrap the end of it with one of the fabric strips. Make sure the end is covered, and then continue to wrap the fabric strip around the rope for about 12 inches. Keep the fabric at an angle as you wrap.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Step 3: Sew Straight Down the Rope

Once you have about 12 inches of fabric wrapped, use a 100/16 sewing machine needle and the longest stitch length to sew straight down the rope. This will hold the fabric in place.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Step 4: Add the Fabric Strips

Continue to wrap and sew until you have 2 inches left at the end of the fabric strip. Keep the pressure-foot down and leave the needle in the rope. Add another fabric strip by tucking it under the rope and placing it on top of the first strip. Continue to wrap and sew straight down the rope. If you are using different fabric combinations, alter them so the rug will have a random pattern. Repeat the wrap-and-sew method until you have about 15 to 20 feet of wrapped rope. Remove it from your machine.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Step 5: Change to a Zig-Zag Stitch

Change your machine to the widest zig-zag stitch, and keep it on the longest stitch length.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Step 6: Coil the Rug

Make a small clockwise coil with the beginning of your wrapped rope. Use a zig-zag stitch to join the coils together by sewing between them. Continue coiling the rope and creating zig-zag stitching until you get to the end of your wrapped rope. Remove the rug from your machine and go back to wrapping the rope with your fabric strips until you get another 20 feet of wrapped rope. Then, return to coiling and sewing the pieces together. Put on some good music or your favorite podcast and keep repeating this process until your rug is as big as you'd like it to be.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Step 7: Add More Rope

When you get to the end of your rope and you'd like to make your rug bigger, just place the beginning of the new rope right up to the end of the other rope and continue to wrap and sew as you normally would. The ends will be joined together as you sew.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Step 8: Finish the Rug

When your rug is just the right size for your room, finish it off by folding the fabric strip over the end of the rope (like you did at the beginning of the rug). Stitch down the middle and tuck the end under the rug so it disappears. Sew over the end to secure it in place.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington