DIY Miniature Sunburst Mirror Ornaments

These sunburst mirror ornaments are miniature replicas of the popular, full-sized versions. Easily crafted out of toothpicks and tiny craft mirrors, these ornaments reflect holiday lights beautifully and bring a glamorous touch to your decorating.

Image Credit: Brynne Delerson

Things You'll Need

  • Toothpicks, 32 per ornament

  • 1-inch round craft mirrors, 2 per ornament

  • Gold metallic spray paint

  • Scrap piece of foam (for example, leftover packaging material or foam core)

  • Thin gold metallic ribbon

  • Hot glue gun

  • Scissors

Image Credit: Brynne Delerson

Step 1: Spray Paint Toothpicks & Mirror Backs

Count out 32 toothpicks for each mirror ornament you plan to make. Lightly stick one end of each toothpick into the piece of foam - this will keep them from scattering from the force of the spray paint.

Spray two light coats of gold spray paint onto the toothpicks.

Image Credit: Brynne Delerson

Lay the mirrors face down and cover the backs of each mirror with a light coat of gold spray paint.

Image Credit: Brynne Delerson

Step 2: Assemble Sunburst Design

Lay one mirror piece face down and glue sixteen toothpicks to the back of the mirror at equal distances from each other. The toothpicks form the "spokes" of the sunburst.

Image Credit: Brynne Delerson


  • To help space toothpicks evenly, start with four toothpicks in the shape of a plus sign.

  • Center another toothpick

    between each spoke until you have eight total.

  • Repeat, adding a toothpick between each spoke, until you have sixteen.

Select sixteen new toothpicks. Use the scissors to trim approximately 1/3 off the end of each toothpick.

Image Credit: Brynne Delerson

Glue the shortened toothpicks between the spokes of the full-length toothpicks to complete the design.

Image Credit: Brynne Delerson

Step 3: Add Ribbon

Cut a piece of thin ribbon approximately 8-inches long. Fold in half, then glue the ends to the middle of the toothpick sunburst design.

Image Credit: Brynne Delerson

Step 4: Glue Mirror to Front of Sunburst

Glue another mirror on top of the sunburst design, sandwiching the toothpicks and ribbon hanger between the top and bottom mirror.

Image Credit: Brynne Delerson

Your new sunburst mirror ornament is now ready to hang and admire or give as a special gift!

Image Credit: Brynne Delerson