How to Make a Tyrion Lannister Costume

The heart and soul of the biggest show on television is also its tiniest character ... Tyrion Lannister. But you don't have to be a little person to embody the wine-guzzling royal to the fullest. With a bit of wit (and perhaps some wine), you, too, can be the toast of Halloween.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Things You'll Need

  • Vest

  • Brown vinyl, 2 yards

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • Die cutter and sticky-back gold foam or fancy gold buttons

  • Kid's slippers or boots

  • Brown cotton fabric, 1 yard

  • Cardboard box

  • Box cutter

  • Brown paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Silver duct tape

  • Duct tape

  • Dark-colored shirt and pants

  • Brown or black cape

  • Coordinating scarf

  • Leather studded belt

Step 1: Cut Out a Vinyl Vest

Lay your vest face-down on the brown vinyl fabric. Cut around all four sides of the vest, leaving a 1-inch seam allowance. Now, cut lengthwise right down the middle of the vinyl cutout to create an opening.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 2: Glue the Vinyl to the Vest

Make 1/4 inch notches every 1/2 inch around the curve of the armhole and hot glue the brown vinyl fabric around the seam of the armhole. Also glue the vinyl pieces around the top of the shoulder seams and all the way down the side seams. Note: You will only be covering the front of the vest in brown vinyl.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 3: Finish the Raw Edges

Turn under the raw edges on the middle opening by 1/4 inch and hot glue in place. This step is not necessary structurally, but it will give the vest a more finished appearance.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 4: Make the Sleeves

Cut two pieces of brown vinyl fabric that measure 10 inches by 5 inches. Fold each piece in half lengthwise and hot glue the seams together.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 5: Add Sleeves to the Vest

Fold each sleeve in half widthwise and place them in the armhole openings so the bottom edge is at the midway point of the armhole. Hot glue each sleeve to the each armhole as shown in the photo.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 6: Create a Waist Skirt

Measure the front width of each side of the vest and cut a piece of brown vinyl fabric that is 5 inches long by the total width of your vest. Fold the fabric in half longwise and hot glue it together. Glue the inside of the top raw edge to the waistline of your vest.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 7: Cut Embellishments for the Vest

Use a die cutter to cut out scrapbooking embellishments from the sticky-back gold foam and stick them along the front opening of your vest to give the illusion of closures. An alternative is to glue or sew gold buttons to the front of the vest.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)
(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 8: Make Little Boots

Split the backs of a little pair of boots or slippers and stuff with paper. Wrap the boots with yard-long strips of brown cotton fabric until well-covered, securing any loose ends with hot glue. Cut additional strips of fabric to attach the boots to the legs of the costume-wearer.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 9: Make a Wine Barrel

Open up a cardboard box and lay it flat. Use a box cutter to cut identical "V" notches on the fold lines of the box. Do this on both ends. Curve the cardboard flaps with the grain of the box.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 10: Paint the Barrel Brown

Paint the cardboard box brown and let it dry completely.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 11: Add Strap Details to the Barrel

Split silver duct tape into narrower strips and tape the strips to the front of barrel so they line up when the sides are folded together.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 12: Tape the Barrel Together

Fold the box into the barrel shape and use regular duct tape to tape all of the seams together on the backside. Tape a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the barrel to have a platform to put your feet. This will keep the barrel from tipping forward when you are using it as a prop.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 13: Attach the Boots

After putting on your costume shirt and pants, wrap the strips of brown cotton fabric that you cut earlier around the top of the boots to attach them to your pants at about thigh level. You want the boots to sit on top of the barrel when you place the barrel in front of you as a prop.

(Image: Sonya Nimri)
(Image: Sonya Nimri)

Step 14: Assemble the Costume

Put the vest on over your shirt and then put the belt on above the waist skirt. Add your cape and scarf, grab your barrel, and cheers to winning Halloween!

(Image: Sonya Nimri)