How to Get Wrinkles out of Viscose

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Use a standard iron to remove viscose wrinkles.
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Viscose, a term used to describe regular rayon fabrics, is a diverse material used in a multitude of garments. Although many believe man-made viscose rayon to be a synthetic material, it is actually a natural, cellulose-based fabric formed from wood pulp. In the early 19th century, viscose rayon was termed artificial silk for its sleek, smooth texture. Keeping your silky viscose garments in presentable condition and free of wrinkles requires that you have little more than a basic knowledge of ironing and few minutes to spare.

Things You'll Need

  • Iron

  • Ironing board

  • Pressing cloth (optional)

Step 1

Read the care label to determine the fabric content of the garment and specific manufacturer instructions. The care label is typically attached to an inside seam of garments.

Step 2

Plug the iron into an electric outlet and adjust the temperature to the rayon or synthetics setting. Turn off the steam setting, which can leave watermarks on the material.

Step 3

Turn the material wrong-side out and drape it over the ironing board. Smooth out wrinkles and bumps with your hands. Lay a pressing cloth over the material if you are unable to reverse the material.

Step 4

Press the iron directly to the material if ironing the inside of the material. Press the iron over a dry pressing cloth and iron in sections if working with the outside of the material.

Step 5

Iron out all wrinkles with smooth, even motions along the length of the material. Avoid twisting the iron, which can stretch and damage the material.

Step 6

Fold or hang the garment and store it in a cool, dry space.


Never iron viscose materials on a high temperature setting, which may scorch or melt the fabric.

Never leave a hot iron unattended.