How to Replace the Enamel Top on a Hoosier Cabinet

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The Hoosier cabinet was a staple in many kitchens of the early 20th century. Kitchens of that era may not have had built-in cabinets, making it necessary to purchase a piece of furniture to store food items, dishes and utensils and to provide a surface on which to prepare meals. The Hoosier cabinet may be so called since many of them were originally built in the state of Indiana. The worktop on many of these cabinets is made from pressed steel that has been enameled, creating a sturdy, hard surface. Over years the enamel may chip or become worn. If you are restoring an old Hoosier cabinet, replacing the worktop may be one of the first tasks on your restoration to-do list.


Step 1

Grasp the front edge of the enameled worktop. Pull the worktop straight out from the front of the cabinet until it stops.

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Step 2

Lift up on the front edge of the cabinet so that its built-in stops clear the stops built into the top of the base of the cabinet. Pull the top outward, then lift it straight up and remove it from the cabinet.

Step 3

Turn the worktop upside down. Remove the retaining screws that fasten the worktop to the wood framework from the edge of the top with a flat blade or Phillips screwdriver, depending on what fastener is used on your cabinet. Lift the framework from the underside of the top and remove it.

Step 4

Position the replacement enameled worktop upside down on a blanket or pad to protect the finish.


Step 5

Lower the wood framework onto the underside of the worktop. Replace the screws through the small holes in the sides of the top and tighten with a screwdriver.

Step 6

Lift the worktop assembly and position it over the cabinet. Push the top horizontally towards the back of the cabinet until the stops in the top ride over the stops on the cabinet to lock it into place.


If you are having trouble finding a replacement enameled top for your Hoosier cabinet, consider removing the top and flipping it around 180 degrees so that the front of the top -- which usually shows more wear than the back of the top -- is now facing the back of the cabinet. Follow the directions above to remove the framework from the top. Flip the framework around 180 degrees and screw it back to the worktop. Position the top assembly back onto the cabinet.

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