How to Remove the Retaining Strips Holding in the Glass Panel on a Cole Sewell Storm Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Work gloves

  • Assistant

Properly sealed storm doors can help protect from the season's toughest weather conditions.
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Like many modern storm doors, the Cole Sewell varieties come equipped with glass panels that are secured by retaining strips that provide additional protection from the outdoor elements. If you want to replace or clean the door's glass panel, you must first carefully remove the retaining strips that hold the door in place, a task that is best accomplished with the help of an assistant.

Step 1

Ask an assistant to stand on the opposite side of the door from where you are working. Though you can accomplish this task alone, it's best that an assistant help you remove the glass once you remove the retaining strips, as the glass panel itself is fairly heavy.

Step 2

Hold the outer left lip of the retaining strip on top of the door with your fingertips. Gently pull the strip downward toward the glass and to the right until you have pulled off that entire retaining strip.

Step 3

Repeat the removal procedure described in Step 2 for the retaining strip on the bottom of the door, though instead of pulling downward and toward the glass, pull upward and toward the glass. In all cases, pull the strips as if you were pulling off a long piece of tape.

Step 4

Hold the outer lip of the retaining strip on the left side of the door. Pull the strip downward and toward the door glass until you have pulled off the entire strip. Repeat this process for the strip on the right side of the door.

Step 5

Hold the glass panel vertically and lift it out of the door frame. Move it to wherever you want to store the frame, but do not walk with it in any position except vertically. Turning it horizontally could cause the glass to break.


While you don't need any traditional tools to perform this procedure, you may want to wear work gloves to protect your hands in the event that the retaining strip or glass cracks. Work slowly, especially when the doors are new or when the weather is cold. If you try to pull the strips away too quickly or forcefully, they could break.

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