How to Fix a Torn Dyson Hose

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Ripping a hole in a Dyson vacuum cleaner's hose can occur in a number of ways, including stretching the hose too far or catching it on a sharp object. Although replacing the hose restores the vacuum cleaner to its optimal working condition, the new hose is an unnecessary expense. Instead, fix the hose's tear with a homemade solution that prolongs the life of the vacuum cleaner. The hose may need replacement eventually, though.


Step 1

Stretch the hose by pulling it from each of its ends lightly to expose the tear. Do not pull so hard that you worsen the tear. Dyson hoses, like most other vacuum hoses, have ridges and grooves and are simple to stretch.

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Step 2

Wrap several layers of tape around the hose over the tear, ensuring that you cover the tear completely. Because Dyson hoses are made of plastic, several kinds of common tape are acceptable for this job, including duct tape, packing tape and electrical tape.


Step 3

Rub the surface of the tape with your hand to work it into each of the small grooves in the Dyson hose. This process helps the tape form a quality bond with the hose.


If the Dyson hose is torn into two pieces, have an assistant hold the pieces together while you wrap the tape around the tear.


Avoid using weak tape such as painter's tape and masking tape. They are not strong enough to create a lasting bond.



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