How to Repair a Shower Hose

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A shower with a hand held sprayer.

Many modern showers are equipped with a hand held sprayer on a length of hose. The sprayer can be kept in its perch and used just like a regular shower. But it can also be held by hand for greater convenience and mobility. Sometimes the hose that attaches the sprayer head to the water supply can become worn and cracked and can leak. When this happens it is best to replace the hose rather than try to repair it. A new hose can be purchased from a home improvement store for around $10, according to 2010 prices.


Step 1

Remove the old hose by unscrewing the threaded collar that holds the end of the hose to the shower pipe. The collar should unscrew by hand fairly easily.

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Step 2

Unscrew the threaded collar that holds the hose to the hand held sprayer. This collar should also unscrew easily by hand.


Step 3

Take the old hose to the store to make sure a suitable replacement is purchased. Some of the hoses are silver while others are all white or white with silver stripes in them. There are even black hoses.

Step 4

Install the new hose by screwing the threaded collar to the shower pipe end by hand. Make sure to just make it snug and do not over tighten it. It does not matter which end of the hose screws onto the shower pipe end and which screws onto the sprayer end.

Step 5

Screw the threaded collar on the other end of the hose to the sprayer. Again do not not over tighten.

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