How to Adjust a Sputtering Beckett Burner

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Beckett Corporation is a third-generation company that started manufacturing gas and oil burners in Ohio in 1937. Oil boilers heat homes by igniting oil vapor and then blowing the resulting hot hair through a duct system to raise the temperature in the building. Proper combustion of the oil is vital for an oil burner to work properly. If your Beckett oil burner starts sputtering, it should not be used to heat the home until the problem is fixed. Usually, however, adjusting the burner is often enough to get the sputtering to stop.


Things You'll Need

  • Wrench

  • Oil Filter

  • Oil Nozzle

Step 1

Check the oil level in the burner to ensure it has an adequate amount.

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Step 2

Turn the furnace off and shut off the breaker that powers it to prevent electrical discharge. Unhook the oil line from the pump and reach underneath it to pull the lock nut off that holds the nozzle assembly in place. Remove the oil burner nozzle with a wrench and replace it with a new one. A clogged nozzle often leads to sputtering because the burner isn't receiving enough fuel. It is simpler and cost-effective to replace the nozzle instead of trying to clean the old one.

Step 3

Bleed air out of the oil lines by loosening the bleed screw on the motor slightly, hitting the reset button on the burner and then loosening the screw fully to release any air that may be trapped in the hoses. Excess air interferes with oil flow and can cause sputtering.

Step 4

Adjust the baffles on the side of the burner to increase the air flow into the combustion chamber.


Step 5

Unscrew the bolt to the oil filter cover and pull the cover off. Slide the oil filter out and replace it with a fresh one. A clogged oil filter often leads to sputtering issues.


Contact the Beckett manufacturer if the burner is still sputtering. Your model may still be under warranty or have a recall you're not aware of.



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