Husky 2200 Power Washer Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • 4-stroke engine oil (SAE 30)

  • Regular-grade gas

  • Portable gas tank with nozzle

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The only Husky power or pressure washer that blasts water at 2200 pounds per square inch is the HU80522 model. The short gas-driven washer comes with an adjustable spray wand, spare nozzles and a 25-foot high pressure hose. This pressure washer is used for spraying away tough grime or mold on exterior surfaces like concrete or brick floors. It must be connected to a water source from your home and given oil and gas to work.


Step 1

Check the oil level by unscrewing the oil cap which is located to the left of the spare nozzle holder. If oil is below the upper level of the oil filter neck, add 4-stroke engine oil (SAE 30).

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Step 2

Unscrew the fuel tank cap and check that the Regular engine gas, which you can get at a pump by filling a portable gas tank, comes a bit more than 1 inch below the fuel tank neck. If not, add more gas.

Step 3

Connect the spray wand to the spray wand extension by sliding the threaded end of the extension into the wand and turning clockwise. Screw the collar of the high pressure hose to the spray wand's inner couplet, which is near the trigger, and screw the other collar of the high pressure hose to the threaded nipple at the base of the Husky power washer.


Step 4

Run water from your garden hose to ensure that there are no cracks or leaks. Turn off the water and screw your garden hose to the intake valve of the power washer. Turn the water back on. Pull the trigger of the wand until a small but steady stream of water trickles out.

Step 5

Push the primer bulb three times or more times if you're starting the power washer for the first time. Hold the starter and pull until you feel resistance, then swiftly yank the coil. The engine should start. Pull the starter again if the engine doesn't start at once. Hold the wand and press the trigger to begin spraying a desired area.


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