How to Adjust a Closing Cylinder on a Storm Door

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The closing cylinder on your storm door controls the door's closing speed and latching power. During the lifetime of your door, the closing cylinder will need adjusting. You should adjust the closer for the season when you take the door glass out or place the glass in the door. Adjusting the closing cylinder, or door closer, will ensure that the storm door latches as it should. You can adjust your storm door in a matter of minutes with one hand tool.


Step 1

Open the storm door 8 inches and slide the "hold open" washer over the indention on the closer rod.

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Step 2

Pull the pin that connects the closer to the closer door bracket while holding the body of the closer. The pin will pull straight out with your fingers.

Step 3

Position the closer to the door bracket adjustment hole nearest to the closer. Insert the retaining pin through the closer and door bracket. Open the storm door and slide the "hold-open" washer back over so the closer will shut the door completely.

Step 4

Insert a Phillips-head screwdriver into the adjusting screw on the end of the closer body. The screw will be on the same end of the closer that attaches to the door bracket.


Step 5

Turn the adjustment screw clockwise to slow down the closing speed. If you need to increase the closing speed, turn the screw counterclockwise.


You want the door to latch harder when the glass is in the door. Move the front of the closer to the farthest hole on the door bracket. This will accommodate the weight of the glass.

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