How to Hammer a Hardwall Hanger

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Things You'll Need

  • Carpenter’s level

  • Tape measure

  • Hammer

Hardwall hangers are plastic hooks with metal pins on top that penetrate through the surface of the wall. They typically support objects no heavier than 20 pounds, and the objects must exert a downward pull only and not away from the wall. The hangers are suitable for use on concrete, plaster, brick or hardwood wall surfaces. Installing the plastic hardware hooks requires only positioning them properly and then hammering the metal spikes into the wall.


Step 1

Hold the object you are hanging up to the wall and move it into the desired mounting location. Place a carpenter's level on top of the object to ensure it is level and adjust it as needed. Draw a light horizontal line above the object to help rehang it later.

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Step 2

Look at the back of the object to locate the hook, wire or hanger and measure the distance from the top of the object. Measure the same distance from the mark on the wall and draw a small dot.

Step 3

Set the object aside and pick up a plastic hardwall hanger. Turn it so the hook faces toward you and the metal pins are located at the top of the hanger.

Step 4

Place the hanger up to the wall and slide the hook portion over the dot on the wall. Hold the bottom of the hook firmly against the wall with one hand.


Step 5

Pick up a hammer with your other hand and hit the top metal pins firmly with one or two strikes to insert them into the wall. Strike all of the pins simultaneously with the head of the hammer. Stop once the pins are fully inserted.

Step 6

Hang the object on the hardwall hook by aligning the top edge with the horizontal line to ensure it hangs evenly.


To remove the hardwall hanger, insert the blade of a putty knife under the hook and twist it to pry the metal pins out of the wall.


Do not continue hammering, after the pins are fully in the wall, to avoid loosening the hanger.


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