How to Manually Adjust High Strait-Line 120 Laser Levels

The Strait-Line 120 laser level is useful when hanging cabinets or suspended ceilings. The level uses a laser beam that projects a visible line up to 120-feet. This prevents having to draw lines on walls or guess where there is no solid surface. The length of the laser beam is adjustable. Manually adjusting the Strait-Line 120 laser level is a matter of adjusting the tilt angle of the laser head. However, the longer you make the line, the less bright it becomes.

Step 1

Place the Strait-Line laser level on the work surface as you would normally. Use the adhesive strips if mounting to a wall, and press the level firmly to ensure the adhesive makes good contact with the wall.

Step 2

Turn the top of the laser level until the bubble in the glass tube is between the lines.

Step 3

Hold the base of the laser level at the sides with one hand. Press the top portion of the laser level, opposite the laser, down with your free hand to increase the distance of the laser line.

Step 4

Press down on the laser side of the top portion to decrease the laser line distance.