How to Light a Miller Furnace

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Furnaces are available in various models including gas, oil and electric.
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Over time, the pilot light in your Miller furnace will go out. When the pilot is not lit, the furnace does not work properly and you must relight it to get the furnace working correctly again. Each Miller furnace model has its own set of specific lighting instructions that are typically attached to the pilot grate door or on the exterior of the furnace. For more information, refer to your specific model's lighting instructions.


Step 1

Check that the gas to the furnace is on. Turn on the gas to the furnace if it is off.

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Step 2

Open the pilot grate door. Locate the gas supply knob. The knob is located on the gas value.

Step 3

Turn the gas supply knob to the "off" position, open windows or doors in the room, and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. This will clear any lingering gas fumes in the air and reduce the chance of a safety hazard.

Step 4

Turn the gas supply knob to "pilot." Press and hold the knob down while you place a long, lighted match inside the furnace and near the pilot. Let the knob up slowly after the pilot lights.

Step 5

Turn the knob on the gas value to the "on" position and wait for 5 minutes. Repeat the process if the pilot light goes out. Close the pilot grate door once the pilot light stays lit for 5 minutes.



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