How to Make a Rotating Bookcase

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 panels, 3/4-inch plywood, 12-by-36-inches

  • 5 panels, 3/4-inch plywood, 12-by-12-inches

  • 2-inch trim-head wood screws

  • Screw gun

  • 12-inch Lazy Susan base, with screws

  • Wood finish

  • Paintbrush

Rotating bookcases allow you to easily access books and make effective use of available floor space. You can make your own rotating bookcase using furniture-grade hardwood plywood and a cabinet Lazy Susan as the base. The bookcase is a rectangular assembly with three shelves. It is open backed, so books can be placed on both sides of the shelves. The bookcase rotates allowing access to both the front and back side of the shelves.


Step 1

Place the two 12-by-36 plywood panels on a work surface, vertically oriented and parallel. Space the panels 12 inches apart from the inside edges. The 36-inch edges should be flush on the work surface. Have someone help you hold the panels in place as you assemble the bookcase. These are the bookcase sides.

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Step 2

Insert one 12-by-12-inch panel between the top and bottom ends of the sides so that one 12-inch edge is flush against the work surface. Insert two 12-by-12-inch panels between the sides in the same manner. Place one at 12 inches up from the bottom and the second one 24 inches up from the bottom.


Step 3

Drive trim-head wood screws through the sides every 2 inches into the ends of the 12-by-12-inch shelf boards with a screw gun.

Step 4

Place the final 12-by-12-inch panel flat on a work surface. Center the Lazy Susan base on top of the panel. Drive the screws that were included with the Lazy Susan through the mounting holes into the plywood panel using a screw gun.


Step 5

Align the plywood panel, with the Lazy Susan attached, over the bottom of the bookcase assembly. Drive the screws included with the Lazy Susan base through the mounting holes into the bottom of the bookcase assembly. Stand the bookcase upright.

Step 6

Apply two coats of wood finish over the bookcase assembly using a paintbrush. Allow the finish to dry 4 hours between coats. Wait 24 hours after the final coat before using the bookcase.


Paint the inside of the bookcases an accent color to add a contemporary flair to the furniture piece. Lazy Susan hardware is rated for different weights based on diameter. A 12-inch Lazy Susan may support from 750 to 1,000 pounds.


Wear eye protection when woodworking.


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