Ozark Trail Gazebo Instructions

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The Ozark Trail canopy is lightweight and easy to set up or take down, making it a popular choice for day trips, picnics and even overnight camping. Understanding how to properly use the canopy makes a big difference when you are setting it up or taking it down.


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Ozark Trail Canopy Basics

One of the more popular and affordable camping canopy brands is Ozark Trail, a Walmart brand manufactured by a collaboration between the California company Outdoor Designz and the Chinese company Crown-Shades.

Ozark Trail canopy tents can come with a variety of different wall panel configurations, including all netting, all sunscreen and any combination of the two. Common features include one wall with a zipper to allow passage once all walls have been lowered and secured in place, a screen for movie projection and hanging storage shelves.


If you find yourself with a damaged or missing part after the six-month manufacturer warranty period, there are a variety of vendors from whom you can order Ozark trail canopy replacement parts.

Ozark Trail Canopy Instructions

Putting up an Ozark Trail 10 x 10 Instant Canopy is much simpler with the instructions. The first step is extending and unfolding the steel frame for the canopy. Only open it halfway to make the canopy attachment easier. Locate the corner pockets of the canopy material and arrange them over the corners of the frame, using the hook and loop straps on the canopy's underside to secure it to the frame at each corner.


With the canopy arranged on the frame and attached at the corners, push the roof framework up the leg poles until the orange locking button clicks for each leg. Once the canopy roof is locked in place at the top of each leg pole, extend the legs until the silver locking button clicks for each leg. You can extend the legs farther by pressing the silver locking button and pulling the leg out to the desired height.

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At this point, you can secure the additional hook and loop straps along the seams of the canopy and stake down the frame after positioning it to the desired location. The stakes should be driven into the ground and tilted away from the frame, and they can be used at the base of each leg or at the end of a guy line extending from each corner of the canopy and secured to the ground at a 45-degree angle from the tent leg.


Side Paneling, Mesh and Larger Tents

The procedure can be slightly different if you are using the mesh house, sun screen panels or a larger canopy tent, but your product's instructions should offer specific directions for larger models and add-ons that require more steps. If you're using a larger canopy, such as the Ozark Grand Gazebo, you can easily assemble it by following the color-coding of each component, such as each leg pole being red, the eaves pink, the ridge blue and so on.

Side panels to block the sun or a four-sided mesh house enclosure are optional add-ons for the Ozark Trail canopy and can be easily installed. The top of each wall should be attached with hook-and-loop straps, while the bottom of each panel should be attached to the leg poles' foot component with the included S-hooks.


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You should further secure side panels, either sun screen or mesh style, by staking them along the bottom using the provided grommet holes to ensure a tight seal that will keep out cold drafts and flying insects.