How to Install a GE Indoor Basic Timer

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If you have a device or light fixture that you want to turn on and off each day at a specific time, you'll need an automatic timer. A GE basic indoor timer allows you to set an 'on' time and an 'off' time for the device of your choice. After plugging the device into the timer, the timer will control the device without further programming. All you'll need to do to set up the device is choose the times you wish to turn the device on and off.


Step 1

Pull up any buttons that are pressed down. If you're having trouble pulling the buttons up, slide your fingernail in back of the side of the button and lift up. Turn the dial with your finger so that the arrow indicates the present time. The black highlighted numbers indicate a.m., while the white highlighted number indicate p.m.

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Step 2

Set the time for the device to turn on by pressing down the button that indicates the 'on' time. Each hour has two buttons associated with it. The button that's directly above the hour indicates the start of the hour, while the button to the right indicates a 30-minute interval. For example, suppose you wanted the device to turn on at 1:30 in the afternoon. You would press the button to the right of the one directly above the white highlighted "1." Repeat for choosing a time to turn the device off.


Step 3

Press down every button between the start time and end time in clockwise fashion.

Step 4

Unplug the device to which you're attaching the timer. Slide the switch on top of the timer to "On." Plug the GE basic timer into the outlet that the device was plugged into.


Step 5

Plug the device's power cord into the outlet on the timer. Switch the device on and leave it on. The timer will now automatically turn the device on and off.


Refer to the timer's manual to determine the maximum voltage the timer can handle. Only certain devices can be safely plugged into the timer.

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