Electric Cement Mixer Maintenance

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Although an electric cement mixer can last a long time under adverse conditions, at some point the owner will need to do some basic maintenance to protect his investment. Performing regular tunes ups, cleanings and checkups on your mixer will ensure that when you need it the most, it will be available. If you own an electric cement mixer or you are considering buying one, then you should know about the regular procedures necessary to keep your mixer healthy.


Mixing Tub and Paddles

The mixing tub and mixing paddles must be cleaned regularly on your electric cement mixer. Use a water hose to wash away cement before it dries. Using a shovel to scrape away semi-dried cement will help loosen up the mud while you continue to wash with a water hose. A pressure washer may be necessary if the cement mud has dried in the mixing tub pan. Never use a hammer to pound on the outside of the tub. You can damage the mixer, making it unusable. You can, however, us a mortar chipping hammer to carefully chip away dried mortar from inside the pan.


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Your electric mixer motor, most likely 110 volts, must be maintained using an air blower. An air nozzle and compressor can be used to blow the motor clean. Blowing air into the vented end of the motor will help remove any excess dirt or debris. It will also help keep the contact brushed clean.


Gears and Pullies

Greasing the gears and pulleys of your mixer will protect the mechanical parts of the machine from friction, which will wear away the working parts quickly. Most mixers come with a grease fitting that can be fitted with a grease gun for maintenance. For parts without grease fittings, use WD-40 to spray on the parts. You can also use gear oil. Keep the belt changed on your mixer and your mixing paddles will run efficiently. One of the biggest problems with an electric cement mixer is belt wear. Keeping the bolt tight on the mixing frame will help keep the mixer stable while it is in use.


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