How to Fix Ripped Jeans Without a Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Fabric

  • Scissors

  • Fabric pins

  • Needle

  • Thread

Trim the frayed edges from your torn jeans.
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Ripped jeans may be sold brand new in stores, but if you aren't into having tears in yours, you can fix them without using a sewing machine. Repairing your jeans with a sewing machine becomes a more complicated project, but you can keep the activity simple by using a hand sewing technique instead. You can create a patch from a denim material that matches your ripped jeans, or apply a contrasting patch in a different color or pattern.


Step 1

Cut out a patch from your selected fabric; make it slightly larger than the ripped area. You can eyeball this step by placing the fabric on top of the hole in the jeans and estimating how much to cut. The shape that you cut doesn't matter, because you'll sew the patch to the inside of the jeans.

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Step 2

Turn the jeans inside out, so that you are working with the underside of the denim -- or the "wrong" side. Place the fabric patch on the ripped area, so that the pattern or color of the material faces down -- away from you.

Step 3

Secure the patch to the denim using fabric pins. The fabric pins keep the patch in place as you hand sew it. Space the pins approximately 2 inches apart.


Step 4

Thread a needle with color-coordinated thread -- about twice the length of the perimeter of your patch -- and tie a knot at the end.

Step 5

Use a straight stitch or a blanket stitch and sew the patch to the jeans, stitching around all sides of the patch. Finish off the stitching with a knot. Since you're sewing with the underside of the denim facing you, the patch and knot won't be visible when wearing the jeans.


Remove the fabric pins as you come to them with your needle. Avoid sewing over the pins.

If you prefer to add a contrasting patch that stands out against the denim, sew it onto the "right" side of the fabric, directly over the ripped area.


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