How to Lubricate a Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener

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Things You'll Need

  • Rag

  • All-purpose grease

  • Motor oil

  • Oil can

Lubricating a garage door opener's moving parts prevents premature failure.
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Without proper lubrication, a chain-driven garage door opener's moving parts quickly wear out. Over time, dust and debris contaminates the grease lubricating the garage door opener's chain and the weight of the garage door forces the oil from the door roller's bearings. A squeaking or grinding noise usually indicates that the garage door and its opener needs lubrication. Lubricating a chain-driven garage door opener during yearly routine maintenance prevents premature wear and extends the opener's service life.


Step 1

Close the garage door completely and engage the door's safety lock, using the garage door manufacturer's safety lock instructions. Often the safety lock uses a flat bar that slides into one of the slots on the garage door's roller tracks, the C-shaped tracks along the sides of the door.

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Step 2

Pull the garage door opener's electrical plug from its electrical outlet.

Step 3

Remove the garage door opener's chain guard, using the door opener manufacturer's directions. Often a garage door opener uses a plastic chain guard that snaps into place against the door opener's motor.


Step 4

Clean the old grease from the garage door opener's chain gear and chain guard, using a rag. The chain gear, which is under the opener's chain guard, pulls the chain back and forth across the chain's track. Replace the chain guard.

Step 5

Clean the chain's track, using a rag to remove the contaminants from the track's surface. The chain's track runs between the garage door opener's motor and the top of the garage door. Many chain-driven garage door openers use a T- or U-shaped track.


Step 6

Wipe the debris from the horizontal portion of each garage door roller track using a rag. A closed garage door exposes the roller track's horizontal portion, the portion of the roller track near the garage's ceiling.

Step 7

Apply a thin layer of all-purpose grease across the top of the chain's track, using a clean rag to spread the grease. Do not leave clumps of grease on the track.


Step 8

Press all-purpose grease into the recesses of the garage door opener's chain, using the clean rag to force the grease into the chain's links. Work from the top of the garage door toward the opener's motor. The residual grease between the chain's links lubricates the door opener's chain gear as the gear lifts the garage door.


Step 9

Apply a drop of motor oil to each garage door roller bearing, using an oil can to place the oil on the bearings. The oil works into each roller bearing, which is in the center of each garage door roller, as the door opens and closes.

Step 10

Plug the garage door opener's power cord into its electrical outlet. Release the garage door's safety lock and open the garage door.


Step 11

Wipe the debris from each roller track's vertical section, using a rag to clean the track. An open garage door exposes the roller track's vertical section.


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