How to Fill a Kitchen Cabinet Void From a Trash Compactor Removal

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Once, home buyers considered a trash compactor a must-have for the modern kitchen. However, with the age of recycling, the trash compactors have lost their appeal. If your trash compactor no longer works or if you simply want to replace it with a more practical space, fill the compactor's hole with another cabinet. The typical size of a trash compactor space is 15 inches wide.


When remodeling the kitchen, remove the compactor and add cabinet space.
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Things You'll Need

  • Shims

  • Measuring Tape

  • Base Cabinet

  • Wood Screws

  • Drill

Step 1

Measure the space left after removing your trash compactor with a measuring tape. Find measurements as close to 1/16 of an inch as possible.

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Step 2

Take the measurements to a kitchen cabinet retailer and find a base cabinet the size of your opening. Since base cabinets come in a variety of widths, you should have no problem finding a cabinet to slide into the space.

Step 3

Remove a door from a neighboring cabinet to try to find a matching door for the new cabinet. Although many builders use common cabinets, over time, the wood ages and discolors. Finding a perfect match might be difficult if you try to buy a standard door.


Step 4

Buy an unfinished door with the same trim pattern on the front and ask a custom cabinet shop to match the door with the old door with stains and finishes. Cabinet experts will let you know if the job is feasible.

Step 5

Anchor the base cabinet to the rest of the cabinets. Use shims to level the cabinet if necessary to line up the base and top. Screw the cabinet to the adjacent cabinets with wood screws through the framework of the cabinet.

Step 6

Attach the cabinet door by lining it up with the cabinet and attaching matching hinges using a drill or screwdriver.


If you have no success in finding a matching door, leave the space open and stain the cabinet base to match or complement the other cabinets. Insert a wine rack into the space and use the area for wine storage.


Turn off the circuit breaker and cap any electrical wires left behind by the compactor. Cover the box holding the wires with a blank electrical plate.


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