How to Set Up a New Onity Lock

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Onity locks on hotel rooms are activated through a hotel computer and encoder.
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Onity makes a variety of electronic door locks and safe locks. All new door locks are installed and activated by Onity at the time of purchase. This is because the locks are typically sold in large quantities to hotels, colleges and hospitals. For example, Onity locks are installed on hotel room doors so the guest can gain access by swiping an electronic card. Onity also provides hotels with safe locks, so that guests can store valuable items. After these safes are shipped to a hotel, employees set up the safe locks for guests to access. In addition, hotel guests must set up a safe code in order to use it.

Door Locks

Step 1

Turn on the hotel computer installed with Onity software, and check to make sure the encoder device is attached to the computer and turned on. This should be done by a hotel employee.

Step 2

Insert an employee smart card into the encoder, and type in the hotel password.

Step 3

Select the rooms you would like to activate on the encoder, and swipe a card(s) for guests to access their room.

Safe Locks

Step 1

Press 1, 2, 3, 4 on each safe when the shipment arrives at the hotel, to initially unlock the safes. This should be done by a hotel employee.

Step 2

Place the safes in each guest room, and leave the doors of the safes open for when guests arrive.

Step 3

Place personal items in the safe without overfilling it. This should be done by the guest. Close the door and hold it shut, enter any four-digit code and press the "#" key. Enter the four-digit code again to reopen the safe.


Onity makes 10 different variations of door locks and safe locks. Contact the company office for specific questions or technical difficulties regarding your model.

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