How to Sew a LoveSac Cover

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 piece strong fabric, 3-by-19 feet

  • Pins

  • Iron

  • 2 pieces strong fabric, 6-foot circles

  • Sewing machine

  • 2-foot zipper

  • LoveSac insert or shredded memory foam

Make your own LoveSac cover.

LoveSacs are oversized, next-generation bean bags. They are filled with shredded memory foam, which gives them their characteristic comfy feel, without the sinking sensation of a regular bean-filled bag. LoveSac products are generally on the expensive side, so making your own version, or even just a cover for a LoveSac insert is much cheaper, and easily done. The best kinds of fabrics to use are denim, corduroy or other strong and soft material.


Step 1

Fold a piece of 3-by-19 foot fabric in half lengthwise, right-side out. Pin the 3-foot ends together and sew the 3-foot ends together using a one-fourth-inch seam allowance. This create a large loop from the 19-foot fabric, which will be the sides of the LoveSac cover.

Step 2

Turn the loop so the fabric is wrong-side out. Press the seam you just sewed with an iron so the joint is flat. Pin the fabric together half an inch away from the joint of the seam, so that the raw edges of the fabric are encased, and sew along the half-inch mark to make a strong seam with the raw edge hidden. Remove the pins. This kind of seam is called a French seam.


Step 3

Pin the loop around the edges of a 6-foot diameter circular piece of fabric, right sides out, and French seam the joint between the loop and the circle piece of fabric like you did to make the loop.

Step 4

Pin a second 6-foot diameter circle of fabric to the other edge of the loop, right-side out. Sew the one-fourth-inch seam for the first part of the French seam, leaving a gap of 2 feet on one part of the circle.

Step 5

Turn the cover wrong-side out and pin a 2-foot zipper into the gap you left. Sew the half-inch seam for the remainder of the French seam, as well as the zipper into the gap.


Step 6

Open the zipper and turn the cover in the right way. Stuff the cover with a LoveSac insert, or use shredded memory foam to fill the cover. LoveSac inserts are filled with shredded memory foam, so both will achieve the same feel as a LoveSac.


Other cover shapes include an oversized bolster cushion shape and a baseball shape.