How to Fade Jeans With Rit Color Remover

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Denim is a thick fabric and takes longer to treat than thinner garments.

There are many options for fading jeans at home, but not all are safe for your clothing. Bleach can damage the fibers of fabric, but products like Rit Color Remover can fade jeans without causing damage. Rit Color Remover includes sodium hydrosulfite, a chemical that reacts to blue dyes by removing all color from them. This chemical property makes Rit Color Remover behave like bleach when used on blue jeans.


Things You'll Need

  • Detergent

  • Large bucket or bathtub

  • Sponge or clean cloth

  • Gloves

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Step 1

Wash your jeans thoroughly in your washing machine with detergent. This ensures that grease, wax or other substances do not prevent the color remover from evenly fading the jeans.

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Step 2

Mix Rit Color Remover with hot water following the packaging's dilution instructions for the amount you need. If you want to fade the entire garment evenly, prepare the color remover in a bathtub full of water. If you want to spot fade the jeans, mix the color remover in a bucket full of water.

Step 3

Place the jeans in the bathtub while smoothing away any wrinkles that cause uneven dye removal. For spot fading, dip the sponge or cloth in the bucket, ring out excess moisture and rub on the areas you want to fade. Wait until the jeans have reached your desired fade level. Wear gloves during this step.


Step 4

Rinse the jeans in cold water immediately after they reach the desired color level. After rinsing, wash jeans in cold water in your washing machine; set on a heavy-duty cycle without detergent. Do not include other clothes in this load. Dry the jeans thoroughly before wearing.


Always test any dye or color remover on an inconspicuous part of a garment before dying. You can repeat the fading process if the jeans are not faded enough after washing.


Avoid getting any chemicals on your skin, in your eyes or in your mouth. If Rit Color Remover is ingested, contact poison control.



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