How to Crochet Using a Pivot Stitch

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Things You'll Need

  • Crocheting needle

  • Yarn

A pivot stitch is a great border stitch for a crochet project.

The difference between an amateur crochet project and a professional crochet project may be found in one thing -- the edging. Fine stitching along the edge of a blanket or even on an article of clothing, such as a cardigan, can make perfect final touches. A pivot stitch is one stitch that should be perfected and incorporated into your crocheting repertoire to make all your projects more delicate and elaborate. By knowing how to make the right stitches in the right order, you will be well on your way to making more professional crafts at home.


Step 1

Begin the crochet stitch pattern of your choice along the edge of the project. When it is time to make the pivot stitch, begin by chaining three stitches more than the number of stitches the pattern calls for.

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Step 2

Skip the first four chain stitches, and then wrap the yarn around the hook twice. Insert the hook from front to back, beginning at the fifth chain from the hook. Put the yarn over the hook, and then pull the yarn through the chain, resulting in four loops now on the hook.

Step 3

Put the yarn over again, and then draw it through two of the loops on the hook with three loops remaining. Yarn over again, and then draw it through two loops on the hook, leaving two still on the hook. Yarn over again, and then pull it through the two loops still on the hook.

Step 4

Yarn over twice, and then insert the hook into the center of the next chain. Yarn over, and then draw yarn through the stitch. Put the yarn over the needle, and then through two loops on the hook. Repeat three times.

Step 5

Once you have completed this, chain three stitches and continue with the next stitch in your pattern.


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