How to Make a Chaotic Deck

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Things You'll Need

  • At least three Chaotic creature cards

  • At least five Chaotic location cards

  • At least 10 Chaotic attack cards

  • Any number of Chaotic Mugic or Battlegear cards

Players of the Chaotic trading card game often play offline matches with friends at parties and events. Understanding the many choices faced when assembling in both the online and offline versions of the game grants an edge to hosts and participants unfamiliar with the game. Chaotic fans collect cards of varying rarity from starter deck boxes and randomized booster packs. Each card has a code that unlocks the same card for play through online accounts. The cards selected during deck construction often prove the deciding factor in Chaotic matches. Players must assemble three different decks to play the game.


Step 1

Determine the number of Chaotic creatures your deck should contain. Chaotic players duel one another with decks containing any multiple of three creatures. The most common decks contain three or six creature cards. The number of creatures limits the number of other cards in the decks.

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Step 2

Add creature, Mugic and Battlegear cards to the creature deck. Never shuffle this deck, as each creature in the deck may have one Mugic and one Battlegear associated with it for each duel. Players may also choose not to use Mugic or Battlegear. Duels begin when players assemble their creatures, Mugic and Battlegear on the play area.


Step 3

Select five Chaotic location cards from your collection for each three creatures in your creature deck. Players shuffle the location deck at the beginning of the match and select the top card from the deck before each creature battle to determine any benefits granted by the location. The location deck should contain arenas suitable to your creatures or dangerous for those of your opponent.


Step 4

Choose 10 Chaotic attack cards from your collection for every three creatures in the creature deck. These cards form the attack deck. Attack cards grant special boosts to the disciplines of your monsters, allowing them to win battles against other creatures. The game revolves around defeating all opposing creatures to win.


Decks focused on one or two specific monster disciplines, such as power or speed, with matching support cards, often fare well. Use Mugic or Battlegear to offset any weaknesses in other disciplines while focusing on the decks’ strengths.


Only two copies of any single card may appear in any of a player’s three decks. Cards with the keyword “Unique” on their faces may not appear more than once, and only one card with the “Legendary” keyword may appear in a deck.


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