How to Make a Hooded Cape Out of a Single Sheet

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Things You'll Need

  • Single size flat bed sheet

  • Measuring tape or ruler

  • Scissors or rotary cutter

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Sewing machine

  • Fabric dye

Making a hooded cape out of a bed sheet is a simple project.

A hooded cape is an essential feature of many costumes. From Jedi knights to witches, a hooded cape can make the difference between an average costume and an exceptional one. Fortunately, a hooded cape is an easy project to make. This version requires minimal sewing. You can make it in less than one hour. You can choose any color or pattern you like. If you can't find the color you want, you can dye your sheet in just a few more minutes.


Step 1

Measure one short edge of the sheet, and mark a spot 18 inches from one end. Mark 18 inches down the long side of the sheet on that same end.

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Step 2

Measure from the spot you marked to the outside edge. That should measure 21 inches. Measure that same length down the length of the sheet.

Step 3

Draw a line from the place you marked on the short end to the 18-inch mark on the length of the sheet. This should create a triangle on your sheet that is 18 inches on each side.

Step 4

Draw another line from the 18-inch mark on the short edge of the sheet to the line you marked that is 21 inches down the long edge of the sheet. This should create a triangle on this side of the sheet that is 21 inches on each side.


Step 5

Cut out both triangles. This will give you the two triangles you just created, as well as a pentagon shape, which is the remaining sheet fabric. Trim the point of the pentagon to create a flat top to the pentagon, 12 inches across.

Step 6

Place the two triangles on top of each other, right sides together and points together, and sew the 18-inch sides of the small triangle to the larger triangle. You have now created the hood to the cape. Turn the hood right-side out.


Step 7

Place the cape fabric on top of the back piece of the hood. The cape should be centered on the long side of the back piece of the hood, with right sides together. Sew the cape piece to the hood piece.

Step 8

Turn the hood right-side out. It is ready to wear. The longer edges of the back piece of the hood serve as ties to keep the hood on.


If the cape drags on the ground, the sheet can be sewed or pinned to make it shorter.


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