How to Fix Squeaky Kitchen Drawers

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Things You'll Need

  • Spray lubricant

  • Crayon or wax

Keep your kitchen drawer well lubricated.

The drawers in your kitchen are designed to slide smoothly and quietly on plastic or metal tracks. Sometimes, however, those drawers do not slide as smoothly as they should. If you hear a squeak coming from the drawer each time you open or close it, you can lubricate the sliders and bring it back to its proper function. Some old-style kitchen drawers develop squeaks when the wood starts to rub away. Newer drawers can develop squeaks when there is a problem with the side sliders. Either way, the first step is to find the source of the squeak and use that to resolve the specific issue.


Step 1

Pull the drawer out as far as you can, and listen for squeaks as you close it again. Pinpoint the source of the squeak as much as you can.

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Step 2

Apply a small amount of a spray lubricant to the metal tracks on both sides of the kitchen drawer. Pull the drawer out as far as it will go, apply the lubricant to the track, then slowly close the drawer to coat it with the lubricant.

Step 3

Feel along the door slides for loose fasteners that could be causing the drawer to squeak. Tighten any loose fasteners you find.

Step 4

Look for any spots where the wood has rubbed off the drawers. This can be a particular problem with old drawers, where wood is rubbing against wood. Use a bit of wax, even a wax crayon, to fill in that rubbed area.


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