How to Make a Tulle Chair Sash

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Things You'll Need

  • Sharp scissors

  • Silk flowers

  • Wire cutters

  • Floral wire

When the occasion calls for light and romantic decorations, you can't choose an easier fabric to work with than tulle. Tulle is lightweight, inexpensive and adds drama to any space, when used properly. One way to incorporate this ethereal material into a decorating theme is by making tulle chair sashes. Cover ugly chairs and make each guest feel special by decorating with fluffy tulle. Choose tulle with a bit of shimmer to glisten by candlelight or double up colors for a fuller look.


Step 1

Keep the tulle doubled and unroll 3 yards on a flat, clean surface. Cut the tulle from the bolt using large sharp scissors.

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Step 2

Position the chair in front of you with the back facing you. Find the center of the fabric piece. Place the center of the fabric on the back of the chair, on the side where the seat cushion is. Pull the ends of the fabric around and gather the two ends together at the seat back, where you are standing. Tie the tulle in a knot securing it at the back of the chair.

Step 3

Cut a large silk flower from the flower bush using wire clippers. Trim away the stem, leaving 3 inches to poke in the tulle.

Step 4

Secure the flower over the knot to hide it, using a 3-inch strip of floral wire to hold it into place.

Step 5

Fluff the tulle to make it look billowy. Use scissors to trim the ends of the tulle, if necessary.


Cluster several flowers together to make a larger covering for the knot. Stack two contrasting fabric colors together to bring two colors into a decorating scheme.


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