How to Make a Christmas Wreath out of a Coat Hanger by Putting Christmas Balls on It

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Things You'll Need

  • Wire coat hanger

  • Wire cutters

  • Glue gun

  • Christmas ball ornaments

  • Christmas ribbon

Hanging Christmas wreaths on your front door or around your house is a wonderful way to decorate for the holiday season. Christmas wreaths made of ball ornaments can be used year after year. These wreaths are a great way to repurpose old christmas ball ornaments that may be chipped, scratched or missing a hanger.


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Step 1

Bend your wire coat hanger into a circle.

Step 2

Cut off the hook of the hanger with wire cutters if you plan to hang your wreath on a nail. Then unwind the neck so that you have an open circle.


Step 3

Place a small dab of hot glue under the cap of each ball ornament so that it stays secure when you string the balls onto your wreath.

Step 4

String the balls onto your wreath by threading the small loop on the top of the cap through the open end of your hanger.


Step 5

Continue threading until your wreath is full. The balls will encompass the entire circumference of the hanger. Move the balls into place as you string them, making sure the balls cover the wire completely.


Step 6

Glue smaller balls into any gaps left on your wreath once you have string so many balls onto the wire that no more will fit. You want your wreath to look as full as possible from the front and sides.


Step 7

Retwist the ends of the hanger together and glue a christmas ribbon to the top of your wreath using your glue gun. If you have chosen to leave the hook of the hanger to hang the wreath, make sure the hook is covered by the ribbon.


Use a variety of colored balls for a fun, bright wreath or stick to a color scheme for a more polished look.