How to Keep Rayon From Wrinkling

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Rayon clothing is synthetic, or man-made. Though man-made fabrics are not necessarily a modern phenomenon, people tend to know less about caring for these fabrics than they do about caring for traditional wool or cotton. The problem with rayon, and why it wrinkles with ease, is that it is highly susceptible to the influence of moisture. In addition, other problems, such as fabric-eating insects and mildew can alter the composition of rayon, causing it to wrinkle easily. To solve these problems and keep your rayon wrinkle-free, you will need to know how to properly care for your rayon clothing.


Step 1

Wash and dry your hands before handling rayon, whether your intent is to put on your clothes or simply to store them.

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Step 2

Avoid wearing rayon on hot days or in situations in which you will likely sweat. If you insist on wearing rayon during such a situation, wear an undershirt, if possible.


Step 3

Make sure your body lotions have dried after application before wearing rayon clothing. Try running a tissue over your skin to see if there is any lotion residue left on the tissue; if so, continue to let the lotion dry.

Step 4

Pack rayon at the bottom of suitcases, where it will be supported by a hard, flat surface.


Step 5

Store rayon in a plastic cover to protect it from possible spills or other sources of moisture.

Step 6

Vacuum rayon through a nylon screen, not by directly placing the vacuum on top of the rayon.


Step 7

Wash rayon by hand. Follow the instructions on the tag for hand-washing. In general, the rule is to wash rayon in warm, but not hot, water by gently squeezing the material. Rinse with cool, but not cold, water. Dry with a towel. If there are wrinkles at this time, it is appropriate to iron the garment.