DIY Men's Caveman Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Faux-fur fabric

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Modeling dough

  • Leather cord

  • Large needle

There are many fun options for Halloween costumes that you can make at home. If you do not want to go the traditional route and choose a scary costume, such as a vampire, mummy or zombie, transform yourself into a prehistoric caveman for the holiday. Creating a do-it-yourself caveman costume requires faux-fur material, which can be accented with modeling-dough bones and teeth.


Step 1

Enlist a friend to help you measure the length between your collarbone and your knees with a measuring tape. Multiply that length by two; that is the amount of faux-fur fabric you need for the costume. You should also measure the distance between your shoulders.

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Step 2

Spread the faux-fur fabric down on your workspace. Choose a flat, open area, such as a large table or the floor.

Step 3

Cut a piece of faux-fur fabric that is equal to the measurements taken in Step 1 using a pair of sharp scissors; the length should be the distance between your collarbone and knees multiplied by two, and the width should match the distance between your shoulders. Fold the piece of fabric in half at the width so that the fur faces in.


Step 4

Prepare a needle by threading it with thick thread that matches the color of the faux-fur fabric. Starting at the open bottom, sew up the sides of the caveman costume towards the folded top. Stop approximately six inches from the top on both sides to form arm holes.

Step 5

Cut a hole for your head in the folded top of the homemade caveman costume. Turn the costume right-side out so that you can see the faux fur.


Step 6

Mold pieces of white modeling dough to resemble teeth and bones. Create a hole in the clay objects using a large needle and leave them overnight to dry.

Step 7

Thread the modeling dough teeth and bones onto lengths of leather cord to make caveman-inspired accessories.

Step 8

Pair the faux-fur tunic with teeth and bone jewelry for a do-it-yourself men`s caveman Halloween costume.


For a cavewoman costume, pair a slightly shorter faux-fur tunic with a plastic bone tied into a messy hairdo.


Exercise caution when working with scissors and needles, which are sharp.


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