How to Make a Felt Handmade iPhone Case

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Making a felt case for an iPhone is a surprisingly easy project you can do by hand or with a sewing machine. Although you can make a simpler case, we embellished this one with felt applique. See Slide 3 for a link to twelve free printable templates. For this project, print the template at 25 percent.

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Cut Out the Applique

Embellish the 3½-by-12½-inch strip as desired. If you're adding felt applique, trace the pattern onto the matte side of freezer paper and press the paper onto the felt – shiny side down. Cut out the pattern pieces and peel away the freezer paper.

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Assemble the Design

Starting with the foundation layer, assemble the pieces. Here, we layered the torso; then the head, eye patches, whites of eyes and pupils; the muzzle, nose and mouth; and finally the ears. Use glue stick to hold the pieces in place. Don't worry if the design looks a little odd at this stage. It will look much more finished after the next step.

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Stitch the Design to the Foundation

Straight stitch around each layered piece, adding details lines where necessary. Use a blanket stitch on the edges and stem stitch on detail lines if you're stitching by hand; use straight stitches if you're using a machine.

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Stitch the Case

Stack the two pieces of felt and fold up 3 ½ inches, positioning the longer piece as the lining of the case. Position a Velcro square and mark the locations, and then separate the strips. Stitch the hook side to the inner strip and the loop side to the outer strip. Align the strips as before and hand or machine stitch down the sides, using a ¼-inch seam.


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