How to Crochet a Blanket With a Triple Stitch

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Things You'll Need

  • Worsted-weight yarn

  • Size G crochet hook

  • Scissors

  • Darning needle.

Your blanket starts with chain stitches.

Triple stitch, commonly known as treble stitch, is ideal for crocheting blankets because it is simple yet pretty. It is also a large stitch, which makes your work grow quickly. Once you have mastered basic chain and triple stitches you can crochet a baby blanket or throw in a weekend, using the treble shell pattern. It is also a good way to use up leftover yarn from finished projects and you can make a colorful, granny-striped blanket very inexpensively.


Step 1

Decide how wide you want your blanket to be. Crib blankets and throws are often 40 to 50 inches wide.

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Step 2

Crochet sufficient chain stitches for the width of blanket you want to make. Approximately six stitches make 1 inch, when using worsted-weight yarn and a size G hook. The specific number will depend on your tension as you crochet. Add a further six chain stitch to the width you want to allow for turns at the ends of the rows.

Step 3

Crochet row one. Work three triple stitches into the eighth chain from the hook. Then, repeat the following pattern until you reach the last three stitches: chain one stitch, skip the next three chain stitches and work three triple stitches in the next chain. Turn and start row two. Triple stitch is crocheted by bringing the yarn over the hook twice from front to back so that there are three loops on the hook. Insert the hook into the chain or stitch beneath and wrap the yarn over the hook again and draw back through the stitch. There are now four loops on the hook. Wrap the yarn over the hook again and draw it through the front two loops. There are now three loops on hook. Wrap the yarn over the hook again and draw it through the two remaining loops on the hook. You now have one loop on the hook and you have completed a triple stitch.


Step 4

Crochet row two. Make three chain stitches and work two triple stitches in the first chain space below. Repeat the following pattern to the end of the row: Make one chain and then three triple stitches in the space below. Turn to start row three.

Step 5

Repeat row two until the blanket is the length you want. Change yarn colors as often as you want by commencing odd numbered rows with the tail of another color of yarn.


To avoid lots of tedious sewing in of tail ends at the end of your project, weave in yarn tails with a darning needle as you go, by sewing a few stitches and trimming off excess.


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