How to Hand-Sew a Hole in Sweatpants

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Sewing needle

  • Thread

Tears may occur frequently in athletic wear such as sweat pants.

Whether you wear your sweatpants running, biking or just to lounge around the house, a tear can make an otherwise perfect pair of pants seem ruined. Sweatpants are made from soft, thick material that can easily tear when caught on brush, in the spokes of a tire or even on a sharp corner in your home. Instead of buying a new pair of sweatpants, implement rudimentary sewing skills and repair your garment for years of additional wear.


Step 1

Trim threads or fuzz that have come loose in the vicinity of the tear. The presence of fuzzy edges is especially likely if you have washed or worn your sweatpants after tearing them. Without removing frayed fabric from the edges of the tear, your repair stitches will not hold as well.

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Step 2

Thread your sewing needle and tie the ends together to prevent the thread from sliding out of the eye as you work. Sewing the tear in your pants with double thread will enhance the durability of your repair.

Step 3

Turn your sweatpants inside out. Pinch the torn edges together and line them up so they are even.

Step 4

Begin at one end of the tear and sew the separated fabric together using small, delicate stitches. Loop each stitch over the edges of the fabric that you are pressing together and pull the thread tight. These stitches will have a subtle appearance when you turn your pants right side out.


Step 5

Continue sewing until you reach the opposite end of the tear. Reverse your direction and sew back to your starting point. Sewing the torn area twice will prevent the fabric from pulling apart in this location again.

Step 6

Tie a knot so your stitches don't unravel. Sew a stitch but don't pull the thread taut. Pass your needle through the loop of thread you have created. Pull taut and snip off the loose thread.


Choose a color of thread that matches your sweatpants so the tear you repair will be even less visible.

Use a thin sewing needle with a small eye that will help you create tiny, delicate stitches.



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