How to Make Paper Headbands for Children

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Different colors of construction paper

  • Scissors

  • Cotton balls

Young children get especially excited around any holiday, and they love to feel a part of the celebrations. In school or at home, they can make easy but exciting crafts by simply using paper, glue, scissors and decorations. One of the most basic paper crafts is the headband, and children can use different colors and attachments to make headbands unique to their personalities, talents and interests.


Step 1

Measure the child's head circumference at the point at which the headband will rest. Allow for an extra 1/2 inch or so of material for stretching.

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Step 2

Draw straight parallel lines 1 or 2 inches apart across different colors of construction paper. Finish the lines at the end point of your measurement.

Step 3

Cut the headbands out of the paper, and glue, tape or staple the ends together.

Step 4

Help your child decorate the headband for the occasion, allowing for his own creativity and artistic license. For example, make Easter Bunny ears for the headband by tracing and cutting long ear shapes from gray construction paper -- or allow your child to design a colorful bunny with green, blue or orange ears. Use pink (or another color) paper to cut out small sections for the inside of the ear. Glue or staple the ears to the sides of the headband.


Step 5

Construct a headband from a color other than green for a Christmas holly headband. Then help your child draw holly leaves on green paper and holly berries on red paper. Cut out each and attach them around the entire circumference of the headband. Alternatively, let them place holiday stickers around the entire headband.


Step 6

Help your child make a Santa headband by cutting out a red band about 2 inches wide. Set up several cotton balls for the child to glue around the entire band. Use enough cotton balls to fill in any gaps and allow for an unbroken white band to appear on the headband.

Step 7

Use decorations like sticker, glitter, buttons, sticky gems and other items to allow your child to personalize her headband for any occasion.


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