How to Make a Crocheted Necklace With Ladder Yarn

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Ladder necklace.
Image Credit: Makenzie

Ladder yarn is a fun yet somewhat difficult yarn to work with, but you can crochet a simple long chain to create a beautiful necklace. Ladder yarn looks just like it sounds -- like a ladder. It's made in numerous brilliant solid colors and varied color combinations, and it often has a shimmer accent to it.


Ladder Yarn
Image Credit: Makenzie

Things You'll Need

  • Ladder yarn

  • Crochet hook, your preference

Step 1

To create a very easy crocheted necklace from ladder yarn, first create a slip knot and be sure to leave a long tail on your knot to use later.


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Step 2

Chain for several yards. The more yards you chain, the thicker your necklace will be. Fasten off, and once again leave a long tail.

Long chain
Image Credit: Makenzie

Step 3

Find something to wrap your chain around that will give you the approximate length of the necklace you want, such as an old binder, cardboard, or the steady arms of a friend. Tie the ends together.



Be sure to not pull the yarn tightly while wrapping. It will be stretchy, so make sure to wrap it loosely.

Wrapped chain
Image Credit: Makenzie

Step 4

Wrap each tail in opposite directions around the bundle of yarn several times.


Wrapped ends
Image Credit: Makenzie

Knot them together and snip the ends. The necklace complete! Try adding beads and other charms for an even more glamorous effect.


Finished necklace
Image Credit: Makenzie

For some additional ladder yarn necklace patterns, please see:


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