How to Make Your Own Raccoon Costumes

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 yard gray fleece

  • 1 yard black fleece

  • Fabric scissors

  • Thread

  • Needle

  • Cotton batting

  • Gray hooded sweat shirt

  • Gray sweat pants

  • Black felt

  • Black costume mask

  • Black face paint

  • Black cotton gloves

Look like a raccoon with this quick, easy costume.

Although they are pesky little critters that raid trash cans and burrow in attics, raccoons are also a storybook favorite, with their cute, masked faces featured in fairy tales and forest-themed stories. This Halloween, create an easy-to-make costume and let your child dress up as this woodland creature. Since it uses materials you can pick up at any craft store, it also makes a great last minute costume.


Step 1

Create a tail. Cut 6-inch strips of black and gray fleece, then sew them together to make a large black-and-gray striped sheet. Cut the sheet into a triangle so that the stripes are parallel with the base of the triangle. The base should be about 1 1/2 feet long, while the sides should both be about 2 1/2 feet long. Sew the 2 1/2 feet sides together, then fill the tail with cotton batting.

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Step 2

Obtain a pair of gray sweatpants. Sew the tail to the rear of the pants with a needle and thread.

Step 3

Cut two triangles out of black felt. The sides of the triangles should be about 3 inches long. Sew them to the edge of the hood of the hooded sweatshirt to create raccoon ears.


Step 4

Wear a black carnival mask, which covers the area around the eyes, to mimic the coloring of a raccoon face.

Step 5

Draw whiskers on the face using black face paint.

Step 6

Cover your hands with stretchy, black gloves.


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