How to Make a Janitor Uniform Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Button-up shirt

  • Navy blue dress pants

  • Red suspenders

  • Black shoes

  • Mop or push broom

  • Index card

  • Black marker

  • Tape

With some props and an easy outfit, you can dress like a janitor in no time.

With jangling keys and mop, a janitor makes a fun costume for children. Creating a janitor costume relies on easy-to-get pieces and articles of clothing, making it a great option for a last-minute Halloween look or a cheap costume. By putting together a janitor costume, children are bound to have fun and look great while saving money and avoiding the stress of creating a more elaborate costume.


Step 1

Put on a button-up shirt. While any standard color shirt will look fine, a pale blue or white shirt will look the most like a janitor.

Step 2

Step into some navy blue dress pants or work pants. Hold up the pants by strapping on some red suspenders.

Step 3

For footwear, slip on some black or dark brown shoes. While not as professional, sneakers are another suitable alternative.

Step 4

Create a badge by writing "Janitor" in black marker on a white index card. Tape it to your shirt.


Step 5

Gather a collection of keys by finding unused sets around the house or purchasing some at a thrift shop or antique store. String them together on a number of key rings, then attach them to your belt loop with a carabiner.

Step 6

Complete the look by carrying a mop or push broom.


A dark blue jumpsuit can be used instead of the shirt and pants.