How to Make a Janitor Uniform Costume

With some props and an easy outfit, you can dress like a janitor in no time.
With some props and an easy outfit, you can dress like a janitor in no time. (Image: Images)

With jangling keys and mop, a janitor makes a fun costume for children. Creating a janitor costume relies on easy-to-get pieces and articles of clothing, making it a great option for a last-minute Halloween look or a cheap costume. By putting together a janitor costume, children are bound to have fun and look great while saving money and avoiding the stress of creating a more elaborate costume.

Things You'll Need

  • Button-up shirt
  • Navy blue dress pants
  • Red suspenders
  • Black shoes
  • Mop or push broom
  • Index card
  • Black marker
  • Tape

Video of the Day

Put on a button-up shirt. While any standard color shirt will look fine, a pale blue or white shirt will look the most like a janitor.

Step into some navy blue dress pants or work pants. Hold up the pants by strapping on some red suspenders.

For footwear, slip on some black or dark brown shoes. While not as professional, sneakers are another suitable alternative.

Create a badge by writing "Janitor" in black marker on a white index card. Tape it to your shirt.

Gather a collection of keys by finding unused sets around the house or purchasing some at a thrift shop or antique store. String them together on a number of key rings, then attach them to your belt loop with a carabiner.

Complete the look by carrying a mop or push broom.

Tips & Warnings

  • A dark blue jumpsuit can be used instead of the shirt and pants.


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