How to Make a Fabric Scroll

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Things You'll Need

  • Linen fabric

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Hot glue stick

  • Hot glue gun

  • 2 wooden dowels, 1/2 inch thick, 14 inches long

Make a fabric scroll using basic craft materials.

When you are teaching children about methods of communication from thousands of years ago, it may surprise the kids to discover that one way people communicated was by sending a written message in the form of a scroll. Scrolls were often created out of parchment or fabric. You can create a more interactive lesson by making your own ancient-looking fabric scroll using a few basic materials that can be purchased from any fabric or craft supply store.


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Step 1

Cut a piece of linen fabric using scissors to measure 12 inches wide, 24 inches long.

Step 2

Insert a hot glue stick into a hot glue gun and then plug the hot glue gun into a wall outlet to heat up for 10 minutes.


Step 3

Place the linen fabric rectangle horizontally onto a table top and squeeze a line of hot glue along the right and left edges.

Step 4

Press a wooden dowel at each hot glue-covered edge. Allow the hot glue to cool and harden for two minutes.

Step 5

Curl both wooden dowels towards the center of the fabric rectangle until they meet.


Write on the fabric scroll using paint or ink pens.


Keep hot glue away from children as it can cause serious burns on skin.



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