How to Make String Art With Liquid Starch

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Things You'll Need

  • 8 ounces liquid starch

  • 1/2 to 2 teaspoons glitter

  • Paper plate

  • Ball colored string

  • Latex balloon, regular or water balloon

  • Sheet newspaper

  • Masking tape

  • Aluminum pie pan

  • Scissors

Undyed string creates natural string art designs.

String and starch come together to form attractive spheres and crafts. Form round balls of stiff string to add to a bowl that is also made from the string and starch for a table centerpiece. Or, create egg-shaped balls for an Easter-themed project. Design a basket using string art and a ribbon handle to hold your Easter eggs. Another holiday theme project is to make your own Christmas tree ornaments with colored string to match your holiday decor.


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Step 1

Pour enough liquid starch in a paper plate to have a 1/2-inch thick layer. Add 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of glitter to the liquid starch; stir well.

Step 2

Cut a ball of colored string into five to 10 10-inch lengths, depending on how large of a balloon you use.


Step 3

Inflate a latex balloon using air to its maximum capacity. Use a regular size balloon for a large object, such as a bowl, or a water balloon for a smaller object, such as an egg.

Step 4

Cover a flat work surface with a sheet of newspaper. Tape the knotted end of the balloon to center of the newspaper with masking tape.


Step 5

Dip one of the lengths of string into the liquid starch. Soak the string. Pull the string through your fingers to squeeze away excess liquid starch; you want the string to be as light in weight as possible.

Step 6

Place the string over the balloon in any pattern, such as wavy, zigzagged, straight or looped. Soak a second piece of string in the starch. Press one end of the second string on one end of the first string. Continue the pattern with the second piece of string.


Step 7

Add the remaining pieces of string with each of the ends pressed to each other so you have the visual of a single piece of string. Overlap the strings over each other as you place each piece of string on the balloon.

Step 8

Cover the entire balloon with string for a ball. Add string to only half of the balloon if you are making a bowl or basket.


Step 9

Place the balloon in an aluminum pie plate. Allow it to dry overnight or until the strings are hard and dry to the touch. Pop the balloon by cutting into it with a pair of scissors. Remove the pieces of the balloon.


Find liquid starch at a grocery store. If you want to add a second layer of string, do not pop the balloon after the first round of string has dried. Add a second layer over the top of the first dried layer and allow it to dry.


If you try to add too much string it will slip off the balloon because of the weight and wetness of the string on the slick latex. Notice when the strings begin to slide off the balloon and stop adding string at that point.