How to Make a Rose From a Necktie

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Things You'll Need

  • Necktie

  • Glue gun

Turn a gaudy old tie into a work of artistic expression.

Raid most men's closets and it's almost inevitable that you will find a rogue tie or two. There are ties that men wear and ties that men keep because they don't know what else to do with them. The dreaded skinny box handed to a father on Father's Day could only mean one thing -- a tie! Whether it's a power tie, skinny tie or piano-key tie, make some good come of those ties gone bad by creating an artistic necktie rose.


Step 1

Remove any designer or manufacturer's tags from the tie. Place the tie face down on a hard surface. Starting at the small end of the tie, put a dot of hot glue in the middle of the tie.

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Step 2

Roll up the tie from the small end to the larger end, stopping just after the rolled material touches the glue dot.

Step 3

Continue gluing and rolling for approximately 10 inches.

Step 4

Twist the next 2 inches of the tie counterclockwise once and place a glue dot on the twisted section. Roll the tie up to the glue dot and repeat the twisting and rolling.


Step 5

Twist, glue and roll until you have about 3 inches of the tie remaining with the lining facing down.

Step 6

Turn the tie over and liberally apply glue onto the bottom of the tie. Fold the remaining portion of the tie onto the bottom with the lining facing toward the base of the flower. The end of the tie should resemble a flower petal at the base of the rose.

Step 7

Affix the rose to a brooch clip, barrette or headband to use the tie rose as an accessory for even the most casual outfits.


Place the hot glue gun on a metal pan, when you set it down, to avoid burns or damage to surfaces. Always unplug your hot glue gun when it is not in use as a safety precaution.


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