How to Make the Curtain Hang Straight

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Things You'll Need

  • Needle

  • Matching thread

  • Scissors

  • Drapery weights (triangle and square shapes)

Add tiny weights to curtains for proper hanging.

Whether you've purchased curtains or made them yourself, once you get them up on the windows, you want them to hang straight. Depending on the curtain fabric, you may need to add additional weight along the bottom corners and hem to make the curtain hang straight. With a simple stitch or two, you can add special drapery weights that will give the fabric the needed structure to hang attractively from the curtain rods.


Step 1

Thread a needle with an 18-inch length of thread that matches the curtain. Tie an overhand knot at the end of the thread tails.

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Step 2

Insert the needle through the curtain fabric from the backside approximately 1 inch inside the right corner. Push the needle back out again and pull it through so the knot sits against the backside of the curtain fabric.


Step 3

Position a triangle drapery weight at the right corner about 3/8 inch away from the bottom and right edges of the curtain. The drapery weight will hide the knot.

Step 4

Insert the needle up through a hole in the drapery weight from behind. Take about four or five stitches in each of the three corners of the drapery weight.


Step 5

Tie off the thread and insert the needle behind the drapery weight. Cut the thread so the knot hides behind the weight.

Step 6

Repeat the same process at the left corner of the curtain panel.


Step 7

Sew square drapery weights along the hemline of the curtains about 3/8 inch above the bottom edge on the backside of the curtains. Space the weights every 8 to 12 inches along the curtain edge.


Some drapery weights have holes in the metal to enable you to stitch them in place. Other drapery weights have a fabric covering that you can stitch through to sew them in place.


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