How to Make Matches Burn Longer

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Things You'll Need

  • Votive

  • Matchbook

With candle wax, you can make your match light longer.

Whether you're lighting a cigar or a barbecue grill, sometimes matches just don't last long enough to do the job. However, a way exists to keep that match lit as long as you need, and it will only take you a second to make it work.


Step 1

Light the wick that's inside of the votive, and let it burn until a fair amount of candle wax liquifies at the bottom.

Step 2

Remove two matches from the matchbook.

Step 3

Blow out the candle, and dip the tip of the first match into the wax.

Step 4

Relight the candle with the second match.


Step 5

Place the first, wax-dipped match tip into the candle flame. The wax-dipped match will hold its light much longer than would a normal match.