How to Make a Petticoat Using Nylon Netting for Under a Poodle Skirt

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Elastic band

  • Thread

  • Scissors

  • Needle

  • Nylon netting or tulle

Make a simple petticoat to wear underneath your poodle skirt.

Poodle skirts were popular items of clothing in the 1950s, and are commonly worn as costumes for Halloween or dress-up parties. A hallmark of a poodle skirt is that it hangs away from the person's body, causing the skirt to look large and wide. When you are creating a poodle skirt, make a petticoat to wear underneath it so that the poodle skirt will stick out and away from the body. Make a simple petticoat -- one requires little sewing -- and you'll have a petticoat in a flash.

Step 1

Measure the waist of the person who will be wearing the poodle skirt. Subtract 2 or 3 inches, and cut a length of elastic to that length. Test the size of the elastic by wrapping it around the person's waist before you cut it to make sure you have it at the right size.

Step 2

Cut a length of thread a few inches long and thread your needle. Stitch the two ends of your elastic band together to create the waistband of your petticoat.

Step 3

Determine the length of the petticoat. Measure the person who will be wearing the petticoat from the waist to wherever the person wants the petticoat to stop. A traditional poodle skirt is typically worn to the mid-calf, so if you don't want the petticoat to show, measure to a couple inches above that point.

Step 4

Multiply that measurement by two, then begin cutting lengths of your nylon netting or tulle to that length. The lengths should be about 6-inches wide, but the width is not as important as the length. Cut several lengths of the nylon netting. The number you will need depends on the size of the person for whom you are creating the petticoat and how full you want it to be.

Step 5

Take one piece of nylon netting and tie its center around the elastic band. This way, when the nylon netting hangs down, you will have two layers. Repeat this with the rest of your nylon netting until the petticoat is as full as you would like it to be.